The House

The House, the heart of the Lodge, consists of:

  • 9 bedrooms  ( 1 with handicapped access)

  • Dining room

  • Zeidy’s Kitchen

  • Lounge (Small Library, Board games) 

  • Parking Lot

  • Swimming Pool 

  • WIFI

All of our rooms were conceived with bohemian style, recycled vintage furniture, inventiveness and a unique atmosphere.


  • WIFI

  • A/C

  • Safety Box

  • Hot Water

  • Fan

  • King Size Bed, dividable into 2 Twin Beds

Your Rooms

Zeidy's Kitchen

Zeidy’s Kitchen, our marvelous hostess, proposes:

  • 3 daily meals included

  • Family Style

  • Fresh ingredients, local and seasonal:
    farm-to table.

  • Respect for Regenerative Agriculture

  • Wood-burning oven, just like in the good
    old days in Costa Rica

  • Traditional recipes from Costa Rican
    country life.

  • Every day Zeidy will announce on her board “today’s menu”

  • Just like at our grandmother’s house,
    here you cannot miss food and love!


The Original Landscape Designe


The Vegetable Garden


The Swimming Pool

The Place

The Lights of the Night

IMG_3429 copy.jpg

The Art of Details

The Yoga Hall

Everyday Bon Fire

A magical artistic lodge
A place which delights your senses