With many years of experienced hosting in Guanacaste, specializing in luxury villas, we, Patrick and Valerie (France) together with Zeidy and Saul (Costa Rica), decided to join forces and creativity to initiate the wonderful adventure
of La Tica Lodge.
We seek to convey with a fluent approach, the authentic
Costa Rica life. This exceptional country not only has beautiful nature in abundance, but above all, it offers a national culture, featuring kindness and generosity.
We created a unique place, where everything has been conceived so that our guests would naturally feel immersed
in a Pura Vida ambiance, and therefore, in the invaluable satisfaction of feeling at home.

As a result of our mission to provide an experience where authenticity, typical of the Costa Rican identity, could become an essential piece, framed by esthetic quality environment, envisioned by an acknowledged architect and an international artist, we created an innovative concept.

We believe that the warm treatment towards our guests, and the moments shared together, for example during the bonfires and meals, will boost the exchange between cultures and generations.

La Tica is located within a property of 7 acres, a very special place since it happens to be surrounded by 988 acres of all natural and virgin land. 

Right here, during the 90’s, a big part of today’s residents and central pillars of Playa Negra, lived together as a big “hippie” family at Finca Los Pargos.

On these grounds were located their homes, restaurant, traditional old country warehouses and even the school where their children were educated, in harmonious community.

We meant to bring back to life, just as the Phoenix, the spirit and essence of such a place, honoring and recycling its original structures and its diverse functionalities. For example, our Yoga Hall, was the old meeting center, a place of social and cultural exchange, the heart of the property.


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The Soul
of Latica 

Zeidy is our hostess, an exceptional woman, passionate about what she brings every single day to our guests:
her love and thorough knowledge of typical Costa Rican food elaboration, savored at every bite.

Her understanding is so deep and her research is so committed, that it is truly a culinary privilege to be able to enjoy her cuisine at La Tica.

Zeidy is currently editing her first recipe book of traditional Costa Rican cuisine, where she looks forward to rescue our gastronomical culture, not only to share
it with the world, but also as a commitment to assure a heritage for future generations.

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We want you to become part of our family!
You are always welcome at Latica Lodge!